Founded in March of 2020

About the founders

About Ryan and Teddy

Summit County Freedom began when county residents Ryan and Teddy Sternagel saw something happening on a mass scale that they were all too familiar with from their own personal life experience – government and business overreach into individual health and medical care decisions.

Why they are so passionate about medical choice

Ryan Sternagel, founder of Summit County Freedom in Park City, UtahJust before their son Ryder’s first birthday, he was diagnosed with stage four cancer. 

Ryan and Teddy immediately began pouring through studies, listening to interviews, and reading all the books they could get their hands on and found a whole world of well-studied, peer-reviewed complementary and alternative modalities that could help Ryder in conjunction with the conventional treatment he received.

Unfortunately, every single modality they found that did not come from a pharmaceutical company, was denied and heavily discouraged by the entire medical system.

When they asked for a second opinion, the government became involved. Ryan and Teddy were informed that they as parents did not have the right to make medical decisions for their own child.

Nothing can begin to adequately describe the horror one feels while being forced into medical decisions that you know, down to a soul level, are not right for you.

Nevertheless, The Sternagels found a way to get their son everything they felt was best for him. 

When the cancer was almost gone halfway through the conventional treatment protocol, The Sternagels moved to Utah, in search of the Health Freedom to treat their son the way they saw fit, under the guidance of a wide array of doctors with diverse training backgrounds.

They found that freedom here, have considered Summit County the home they were always supposed to have ever since, and today, Ryder is the healthiest kid you’ll ever meet.

When The Crisis of 2020 began, The Sternagels took the health risk as seriously as anyone else.

After a short while, however, they began realizing the same overreach into personal health decisions they had experienced six years before, was now being played out in every facet of society. 

Something was very wrong.

Fear was being instilled into society at every turn, while proven lifesaving modalities were being ignored and discouraged by the medical system and media, and outright suppressed by the big tech platforms.

Hundreds of thousands of small businesses were wiped out and millions of jobs along with them, while large corporations grew even more powerful, and the richest in society were made exponentially richer.

Liquor stores remained open, while places of worship were considered non-essential.

Tens of thousands of contact tracing positions, with full access to all information about a person’s every move across all sources, were being advertised by the government, not as a temporary job, but as lifetime careers with pensions.

Over the following months, Ryan and Teddy saw countless lives ruined, a generation of children developing who would not know how to fully trust and connect with their fellow humans, and Summit County become increasingly divided. First over masks, and then over an experimental medical procedure.

When it became apparent this was not going away, they knew something had to be done to save the county and state they loved so much.

What began as Ryan and a friend going door to door in the middle of winter informing businesses of their rights, quickly turned into weekly meetings with a growing group of concerned citizens and business owners.

Today, Summit County Freedom is over 300 members strong, with task forces covering law and government, school and education, public and business outreach, and community reliance… and we’re expanding exponentially as each day passes. 🙂

If you’d like to know more about what we’re doing and why we’ve made the choices we have, and/or would like to get involved with an amazing group of people who have the same concerns you do and are actively doing something about it, send us an email, and sign up for our email list here on the site. 

We’d love to tell you all about it.



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    In today’s interconnected world, our local community is more important than ever. Building a healthy and resilient community not only enhances our quality of life, but also prepares us for challenges that may lie ahead.

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