Citizens Declaration Against Vaccine Mandates


The issue of vaccine mandates – as a condition of employment or as a condition to participate in commerce either as a business owner or as a customer – is one that will impact every Utahn and aims to strike a fatal blow to our free society.



Each of us is responsible for our own bodily integrity – no other person has authority over our personal health decisions.  

As such, we believe businesses must be free to engage in enterprise without being required to act as medical enforcers, either by the government, trade or business associations, or other businesses.  Likewise, personal medical decisions cannot be a mechanism to justify discrimination for either employment or participation in commerce (e.g. vaccine passports).

Certain members of the Utah Legislature and Governor Cox disagree.  See article below.

Cox vows to veto any bill that bans businesses from mandating vaccines

We have a petition and declaration expressing support for business owner freedom from medical enforcement, and employee and customer freedom from discrimination on the basis of personal medical decisions.  If you would like to sign, we invite you to do so here:

You can find the petition “Declaration Against Vaccine Mandates” at:  Utah open for business declaration against vaccine mandates

If you would like to write your legislators to urge them to support these issues, you can find out who your local representatives are here:

To contact the Governor:

Thank you for your support!

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