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Medical freedom is our God-given choice

Summit County Freedom stands in firm defense of Health Freedom. Every individual has the right to make Fully Informed Choices pertaining to his or her own health and medical care.

Government and business have no place dictating what goes on or into our own bodies. That is each and every one of our God-Given Right to choose for ourselves.

Summit County Freedom stands firmly against coercion and segregation of all kinds. No one should be pressured, or deceived into choices pertaining to his or her own health and medical care.

Summit County Freedom is not a political group. Health Freedom is far too precious to be confined within the bounds of the right-left paradigm.

We take the responsibility to care for ourselves and others extremely seriously and treat others the way we would want them to treat us.

We believe that Summit County is far stronger when we Genuinely Come Together to solve our problems, and should never allow ourselves to be divided, in any way.



What we have accomplished

We have created an incredible community of freedom-loving Patriots. We know we are not alone in this fight.

We meet weekly and we have a social once a month.

We organized a town hall meeting with our Sheriff and a representative of the Park City Police Department.



We have established relationships with our Legislative leaders at the State and Federal levels.

We are partnering with our State Legislators to advance legislation that protects small businesses.

We have built relationships with other local coalition groups within the state.

We organized and participated in the “See my smile” campaign.

We have been featured in the news.

We are organizing education seminars.

We are active participants in our council meetings, school districts, and our local health department.

How to get involved

As a collective group, we are involved from the local level of government all the way to our State Legislators and Senators.

Step One

Scroll to the bottom of our page to join our newsletter

Step Two

Attend one of our meetings

Step Three

Invite a friend or two, or three.

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