Summit County Freedom's Town Hall Delivered


Summit County Freedom held a Town Hall on December 7 at OP Rockwells. The event was held in their Rockwell room. It was a celebration of the passing of Senate Bill 2004 into law. SB2004 law protects employees and prospective employees from an adverse reaction from employers and prospective employers for refusing to take the vaccine due to religious, medical, or personal exemptions.


Our group Summit County Freedom got this “crazy” idea of banning vaccine passports back in July. We were at our usual weekly meeting, and that evening an idea sprouted. “What if we could ban vaccine passports in Utah?” Our idea evolved into protecting employees and small businesses, keeping Utah businesses open, making sure our bill wasn’t “fringe” politics, and our vision turned into a law.

We decided to get the word out to all small businesses and educate them on what this law means to their liability as small business owners. 

You see, the press did not give this law any attention. There were a couple of articles in the papers, and that was it. We know it is not in the media’s narrative to publicize a law like this because there is a massive propaganda campaign to vaccinate the population, and this law is an inconvenient truth. 

We decided to hold a town hall to educate and celebrate at the same time. 

We held the town hall in the Rockwell room above the nightclub. The space was perfect for our event. It was spacious and had a variety of seating areas. There were couches, hightops, and rows of seating near the stage for our town hall. I had never been there, and I was impressed. 

The town hall had a great turnout, and we were almost at total capacity, with over 70 people in attendance. 

Great turnout at Summit County Freedom's town hall in Park City, Utah

We had initially scheduled the town hall for November 9. Little did we know that that week was election week for county seats and the mayoral election. It was also the day of the Utah special legislative session, which was called by the Governor (which we pushed for and got!) We had to cancel our event and reschedule. 

The key to planning an event like this was constant communication between our members and the committee planning the event. We had to sit down, regroup, and come up with another date, and soon. We had already given a deposit for the space, and we had to use the room by December 13. 

We had our usual member meeting on November 10, and we agreed on a new date, which was December 7. We knew it would be a challenge because Thanksgiving was around the corner, and all the holiday parties start ramping up in December. We were determined, though. 

Marjorie and Jennifer were the main organizers, and we worked together to market our event.

Summit County Freedom's Town Hall organizers in Park City, Utah

Marketing an event like this is not easy in Park City. The Park City Board of Health and the council would have the entire town masked up, vaxxed up, and passported if they thought they could get away with it. Our group has been battling these people for almost a year now. We decided that our message was too important to worry about any backlash by the public or by the social media trolls. 

We coordinated with other groups to market our event to other small businesses, we emailed our contacts, asked them to share with their network, and lo and behold, we had a great turnout at our event. 

We held a meet and greet from 6:00 to 6:45, and then we got down to business. Doug, Holly, and Gopi got up on stage and went through SB2004 line by line.

Doug, Holly, and Gopie discussing SB2004 in Park City, Utah

There was a Q and A after, and Ryan wrapped up the event by introducing two candidates who were announcing their run for Congress in districts one and three. We had the Rockwell Room until 9 pm, so we got to mingle and socialize for about forty-five minutes after the speakers finished up.

Ryan Sternagel wraps up the town hall in park city, Utah

Alena Erickson and Jason Preston announce their bid for Congress at summit county freedom's town hall in park city, utah

Our town hall was fun, informative, and an overall positive experience. We hoped to convey that We, the people, have the power to bring about change. 

The Five Key Points to Organizing a Town Hall are:

Fundraising: we asked our members to donate, and they came through big time. 

Form a committee: we asked our members if anyone was willing to volunteer to head this committee, and Jennifer and Marjorie volunteered to take this task on, and our event was a smashing success. 

Marketing: Emailing is very effective. We emailed Park City Chamber members as well, which scored us a spot on our local radio station to promote our town hall. 

Establish an Agenda: Marjorie and Jennifer came up with our schedule, and it was a great tool to keep our town hall on point and on time. 

Collect emails and contacts at the event: If you want to grow your group, you must establish new connections. A town hall is the perfect opportunity to network and form new relationships. 

This was Summit County Freedom’s second town hall event, and believe me, when I say, watch out 2022, we are doubling down.

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