School age covid case counts in Summit County, Utah

Summit County is Doing Better Than All of Utah State

Why is Summit County still under a health emergency?


Our Summit County Council is illegally enacting SB195 in order to mandate masks for children in our schools.


SB 195 lets the Health Department write emergency mandates essentially, but only in response to an actual emergency.

If Covid cases reach 2% in any Elementary or middle school, then the mask “mandates” are enacted.

This has not happened and the health order is extended until Dec 31, 2021.

The stats for Summit County is a featured image above, and you can see for yourself, that there is no emergency.  You can verify these numbers by clicking the link below.

Stay tuned. Our Legislators may call a special session this month (October) and at the latest November.

If we write our local representatives in the Legislator and ask for Summit County Council to get on the agenda. We may have a way to overturn this ridiculous order.

Rep Mike Kohler


Senator Ron Winterton


Rep Kera Birkeland


Senator John Johnson



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