Hello Summit County Freedom Fighters. Now that we are elected Delegates and Precinct Chairs, our duties are to research all the candidates and make sure they are running for the right reasons. If we don’t do our job, we will never change the corrupt system. I have listed some resources for us to use below. I hope this finds you well and you can vet the candidates more efficiently. 

Tip Number One:

Utilize the Summit County website. Click the link below. 
Summit County website


Tip Number Two:

It can’t get any easier to see who is running for office in our districts and the State. Check out the Summit County Website. The Summit County Website lists all the candidates that have filed for office. They even have a spreadsheet of all the candidates, what office, and their district. You can find the entire spreadsheet HERE:


Tip Number Three:

Some candidates are running for another term in their current position or running for a different office. As a Delegate, I want to know how candidates voted in the past for specific bills and other things. Just Facts website is a great resource.

For example, I pulled up Becky Edwards, who is running against Mike Lee for Senator,  and here is what her page looks like.


becky edwards for senate in utah running against mike lee

Tip Number Four: 

Follow all candidates on Social Media. You may not like Facebook, but that is where the information is at. It’s a good idea to scroll through the comments of various posts to see what their base is thinking. Knowledge is power. 

Tip Number Five: 

Try and attend all “meet the candidates” gatherings within our districts. It’s always good to meet these people face to face. 


Stay tuned for more information as I gather it 


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