Last Tuesday was Caucus night across the state of Utah. Summit County had a great turnout last week, and we got elected to many state and county positions. 

We wanted to win as many prominent elected positions as possible: Precinct chair, State Delegate, and County delegate. 

I had never been to a Caucus before, and it was a fascinating evening. I saw many familiar faces and met new people as well. 125 people showed up at the Ecker Hill Middle School Venue and it was a decent showing despite Park City being predominately Democrat. It validated that we need to be involved in the political process to change our local Government. 

What is a Caucus?

“A caucus is a meeting of supporters or members of a specific political party or movement.” Source: Wikipedia.

The purpose of the caucus last week was to elect positions within our voting districts. Whoever showed up had to input their home address to find out what voting district they were in. For example, I am district 44:31 in lower silver creek. 

Each district has a Precinct Chair, Vice-chair, State delegate, alternate state delegate, county delegate, and alternate county delegate. All of these seats were up for election. There had not been a Caucus in four years due to the pandemic. 

We had to nominate and elect all the available positions that night. 

Precinct Chair:

The Precinct Chair represents their Political party within their precinct/district. 

Some of the duties include:

Serves a two-year term.

Reports to their Regional Chair.

Attend meetings once every quarter. 

For the complete list of duties, click HERE.


State Delegate:

The State Delegate attends and participates in the Spring of 2022 Republican State Convention, where they cast ballots and choose the party’s nominees for elected office. This
could include nominees for Governor, Attorney General, State Auditor, State Treasurer, and the U.S.
House of Representatives — also states legislative and state school board races.

Duties include: 

 Attending the Republican State Convention on April 23, 2022.

Educate yourself about all the candidates and become familiar with their platforms. 

 Attend the state organizing convention in the Spring of 2023 to vote on resolutions and elect state party officers. 

Serve a two-year term. 

County Delegate:

County Delegate #1 and #2 both attend and participate in county nominating conventions in 2022 to choose the County Assessor, Attorney, Auditor, Clerk, County Council, Recorder,

Sheriff and Treasurer. The convention is on Tuesday, April 19, and as a County Delegate, you must attend. 

Serves a two-year term. 

What are our goals as Delegates?


To be informed!

We must vet all of the candidates running for office in our Districts. Our job is to do our own research and share it with our fellow delegates. 

Pooling together our resources and researching each candidate is the best way to ensure that the best candidate makes it onto the ballot. 

Our Regional and Precinct Chairs will be sending out emails as this process moves along. Make sure you are receiving all emails. 

Please become familiar with our party’s constitution and by-laws, and platform. To find the Utah Republican Party’s constitution, by-laws, and platform, click HERE

Summit County Freedom came out in full force this past Tuesday, and now the real work begins. 

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