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Another epic email from Ryan Sternagel to the Health Department and the Summit Council. Will they take the time to respond?

Greetings esteemed members of the council and health department.

Health department folks – I’m bringing you into an existing dialogue I have going between myself, the county council, and your outgoing director Rich Bullough. In it, I’ve laid out a substantial amount of important information pertaining to the crisis we all find ourselves in together.

I had assumed Rich would be passing this on to all of you, as the references I’ve provided have all been scholarly sources, accredited medical professionals with impressive and relevant bios, etc, but given the myopic nature of the most recent health board meeting, which I feel is fair to say focused primarily on vaccinating as many people (with the focus now shifting to children, supporting vaccination centers in schools, etc.) as possible, I am getting the feeling this not the case.

I am attaching a PDF transcript of the entire dialogue for your reference. In it, you will find the information on lockdowns, masks, and mRNA injections that apparently has not been passed onto you.

Hopefully, incoming director Phil Bondurant (also copied) sees the importance of evaluating as much credible information as possible, when the stakes are this high, than did his predecessor.

Either way, as the government and media are now shifting the blame of the crisis entirely towards “the unvaccinated” (including children), and the concept of “vaccine passports” combined with door to door visits is where things are clearly headed (combined with now starting to hear about the need for booster shots)…

You really, really need to be exposed to what I am providing here before going any further down the path you’re currently on, which is why I’ve copied each of you individually to ensure it happens this time.

And although I believe the quality of the information below will speak for itself, it seems the messenger of any information contrary to the prevailing agenda is being called into question more than ever these days, so a few things to note about me personally:

  • I have been researching health and disease prevention in earnest for seven years, ever since my son was diagnosed with stage four cancer just before his first birthday (he’s doing great now 🙂 ).
  • I was interacting with the council pertaining to a different issue I believed to be one of great importance to public health before this crisis turned into what it was today. I deeply care about the health of all people, and in fact, my wife and I have made that our life’s work.
  • I am not coming at this from a “political” angle. I have always been a registered independent, and in fact, these days want nothing to do with either major political party.
  • I represent over 300 families in Summit County, who are all very concerned with this. It’s important to note that we’re not a group that doesn’t want to wear a mask or get an injection just because the government told us to (not that there’s anything wrong with that either). The majority of the group is comprised of professionals and/or parents who have done a vast amount of research on these topics and are highly alarmed at the trajectory we find ourselves on as a county and country.With that introduction out of the way, at the time of my last email, the injections were relatively early on in being introduced.

Now that some time has passed, I have amassed a considerable amount of new data I feel is vital to share with you, because as we all know, people’s lives are at stake, and many, many have already been lost.

I have categorized, and summarized all links below for your convenience, as I want to make sure I am giving you every possible opportunity to take this information in.

Although most of what I am focusing on here pertains to the injections specifically, with talk about masks starting to flare back up, particularly in regard to the upcoming school year, a couple of new interesting studies have come about since my last email, so I thought I’d start there.

Face Mask Safety

While the two studies below focus on the safety of face masks, please see my previous emails in the transcript on their efficacy.

Extremely Dangerous CO2 Intake Found in Children Wearing Face Masks

This study was published in The Journal of the American Medical Association Pediatrics. The generally accepted limit for CO2 levels is 2,000 ppm, with anything above that being deemed unacceptable. This study found the mean CO2 intake in a child wearing a face mask to be over 13,000 ppm.

The youngest children in the study had the highest levels, with one seven-year-old reaching 25,000 ppm. These levels were achieved within three minutes of wearing the masks, and as we know, children in school are made to wear these masks for hours on end.

Disease-Causing Pathogens Founds on Childrens’ Face Masks

A group of concerned parents had their childrens’ masks analyzed (after one day of use) by the University of Florida. Of the six masks analyzed, three contained pathogenic strains of bacteria, and two contained antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria. A total of 96 unique strains, 21 of them pathogenic, were found on the masks collectively.

Note that although these tests were also capable of detecting viruses, only one was found.

Vaccine Necessity

One of the most troubling observations many have made throughout this crisis, is that vaccination continues to be pushed as the sole solution to the problem, while any evidence, no matter how credible, suggesting otherwise is ignored, shunned and now increasingly outright censored.

COVID Has a 99.9+% Survival Rate

See the CDC’s most recent “Current Best Estimate” numbers in the table linked here. There are very credible analyses with even higher survival rates, but even by the CDC’s own numbers, this is no different from any other respiratory illness.

The Absolute Risk Reduction From Vaccination is Only 1%

This piece published in The Lancet explains that while the relative risk reduction (which is what is being advertised and repeated) from vaccination is 95%, the absolute risk reduction is 1%.

Relative risk reduction is a classic drug company sleight of hand that’s used to make their drugs sound more beneficial than they are in reality. Relative risk reduction only takes a certain segment of the population into account, whereas absolute risk takes the entire population into account, and is the more honest and transparent way to use statistics in reporting a benefit.

Early Treatment Drastically Improves Outcomes

The documented evidence of a wide array of modalities’ effectiveness in treating the disease is overwhelming, yet again, is outright refused by the medical establishment and media. This real-time analysis of a combined 749 studies shows a range of 41% to 92% reduction in mortality depending on the modality. Bear in mind these are all single modalities for the purposes of the studies, and that many doctors actually treating the disease combine many of these modalities for even greater results.

Think of all the lives that could have been saved, had the focus not been solely on the vaccine, as you read through these numbers.

Ivermectin Is Widely Studied, Used, and Proven Effective


I included this in previous messages but it bears repeating given the new audience and the fact that data has become even more compelling. Ivermectin in particular is an extremely well studied, commonly used drug throughout the world, with a well-established safety profile, that costs next to nothing.

This page is tracking 60 trials (half of them RCTs), and even more, studies, involving 574 scientists and over 21,000 patients. These trials show an average 85% improvement in prevention and 67% improvement in mortality.

Again, think of the lives that could have been saved, had public health officials truly “followed the science.”

The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons Guide to Home Treatment


Ask yourself why people are being told there is absolutely nothing they can do aside from getting vaccinated, when not only scientific evidence, but very well-qualified doctors (more on that below) are proving otherwise.

The AAPS has been in existence since 1943 and has released this comprehensive treatment guide based on what their doctors are finding the greatest success with (and evidence for) in treating these patients.

Asymptomatic Spread is Not a Major Transmission Vector

The prevailing argument as to why everyone needs to be vaccinated is asymptomatic spread. This flies in the face of what everyone has understood about infection up until last year. It’s widely known for a variety of reasons that symptomatic people are the ones spreading the disease.

However for the sake of brevity and to keep things well documented and strictly relevant to the current situation, this piece published in The British Medical Journal details many flaws in the asymptomatic spread reasoning, including citing a 10,000 person study in Wuhan that was unable to find one case of asymptomatic spread.

Vaccine Efficacy

Aside from the safety concerns, I outline below, and all the alternatives I’ve outlined above, there is now ample evidence that these injections aren’t even all that helpful in preventing infection. In particular, evidence is showing natural immunity to be far superior to vaccination. Why, then, are there still calls for everyone to be vaccinated, regardless of prior infection status?

40% of new covid cases among vaccinated vs. 1% previously infected

This is an analysis of the latest Israeli Health Ministry data, showing that in the latest surge of cases, people who had already been vaccinated were 6.72% more likely to become hospitalized than those who had already achieved natural immunity.

Israel is an important case study as it was the first nation to launch an aggressive vaccination campaign, and is one of the most vaccinated nations in the world.

60% of Recent Serious Cases Fully Vaccinated

Another piece out of Israel showing that 60% of total new serious cases were among the fully vaccinated. When looking at those over age 50 however, that number jumps to 90%.

The health ministers quoted in the study conclude that the vaccine is “significantly less effective” against the Delta variant.

Update: This thread has been deleted. (I wonder why?)

Cleveland Clinic finds No infections among previously infected

The Cleveland Clinic ran an analysis of over 50,000 of their employees, and of those previously infected (both vaccinated and unvaccinated), new infections were at near zero.

Previously Infected Individuals Show Much Higher Antibody Response

This is a study on the healthcare workers in Israel, showing those who had been previously infected presented a much higher response to the vaccine (which the study’s authors equate to response against the virus) than those who had not been previously infected.

50 Fully Vaccinated Adults Die From COVID in New Jersey

This is an article quoting New Jersey Health officials in stating 50 fully vaccinated adults have died from COVID. What’s interesting to note here, is the article mentions the majority of these adults had other severe conditions.

This reflects what people speaking out against the extreme response have been saying all along, that most people dying already have a host of comorbidities, and it’s not even clear what they’re actually dying from. It’s now becoming clear that these injections aren’t helping these people either.

Pfizer Seeking Authorization for Booster After Six Months

One of Pfizer’s top scientists is quoted in this article stating that after six months, “there likely is the risk of reinfection as antibodies, as predicted, wane.”

The public has been told throughout this entire campaign that “doing their part” meant getting their two shots, and then they’re done. Now we’re told it’s only good for six months, and that’s what the drug companies were expecting?

How much is enough? When will this end? When someone had a horrendous reaction to the first two and now doesn’t want the third, are they not doing their part?

Vaccine Safety

“It’s safe and effective” continues to be repeated in calls for every man, woman and child to receive these injections. We’ve just addressed the “effective” portion of this claim, now let’s


look at the “safe” part. As you will see, this is in fact the most UNsafe vaccine ever released, by breathtaking orders of magnitude.

The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) Now Showing Over 11,000 Deaths

In addition to over 36,000 hospitalizations, 3,000 cases of anaphylaxis, 3,000 cases of bell’s palsy, 1,000 miscarriages, 4,000 heart attacks, 20,000 severe allergic reactions, and the list goes on.

I had mentioned VAERS in my previous message and encouraged you all to run your own report to see for yourself, however, I was not aware at the time of this convenient tool that aggregates all the data. Take a long look at these numbers, and then take a long look in the mirror.

Vaccines are typically pulled after 25 – 50 deaths are reported. We’ve now got one killing thousands, and yet we’re somehow continuing to insist that everyone take it.

It’s important to note here that the CDC is now stating some of this number could reflect foreign sources, and that the real number is somewhere around 6,000 (which means they’re actually acknowledging thousands of people have died).

Regardless, these are real deaths that have occurred, and at staggering numbers, especially given that as I explained before, only a small percentage of adverse events are captured in this system (more on that below).

Harvard Medical School Study Finds Only 1% of Adverse Events are Reported to VAERS

I had mentioned this in my previous message. I now have two other pieces of data below corroborating this finding.

Supporting Evidence (1)

The CDC recently claimed, “Anaphylaxis after COVID-19 vaccination is rare and occurred in approximately 2 to 5 people per million vaccinated in the United States based on events reported to VAERS.”

That claim is contradicted by a recent study at Mass General Brigham that assessed anaphylaxis in a clinical setting after the administration of COVID-19 vaccines and, in stark contrast to the CDC’s claim, found “severe reactions consistent with anaphylaxis occurred at a rate of 2.47 per 10,000 vaccinations.”

This is equivalent to 50 times to 120 times more cases than what VAERS and the CDC are reporting.



Supporting Evidence (2)

During the January 27, 2021, Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety (ACIP) meeting, Tom Shimabukuro of the CDC’s COVID-19 Vaccine Safety Task Force, Vaccine Safety
The team explained that it was expected that 11,440 deaths from long-term care facilities (“LTCF”) would be reported to VAERS given the number of deaths that would naturally occur during the period directly after COVID-19 vaccination in these facilities.

That slide can be found by searching the term “Estimated background mortality in LTCF residents” in the slide deck from that presentation here:

Instead, VAERS only received 129 reports of deaths following COVID-19 vaccination in LTCF (or 1.1%).

I have now given you THREE pieces of very strong evidence showing that the astounding numbers you see on the VAERS report are just a small fraction of the true numbers. Even if it’s actually 10% being reported, multiply the numbers you see on the VAERS report by 10, and tell me these lives lost and ruined were worth it.

40% of All Deaths Ever Reported to VAERS Are Due to the COVID Vaccine

VAERS has been capturing data on vaccine reactions since 1990. 40% of all deaths ever reported (as of May 1st) have now been from the COVID vaccinations.

Death Rates in all Countries Go UP Following Vaccination

Here is a long list of graphs showing death rates in numerous countries going UP, following those countries initiating their vaccination campaigns. In almost every case, this spike reverses the downward trajectory these countries were already on.

Moderna Is Just Now Testing for Safety in Pregnant Women

Despite claims that the vaccine is safe for everyone including pregnant women, and the fact safety testing was extremely limited and flawed to begin with, Moderna is just now beginning to actually test for safety in pregnant women. COVID-vaccine-safe-pregnant-women.html?EdNo=247

COVID Vaccination Is NOT Safe for Pregnant Women

Here is a detailed write-up on all the reasons why these injections have proven themselves unsafe for pregnant women. Most notably, it explains how the NEJM study on spontaneous abortions that the CDC was quoting in stating it to be safe, in reality, shows spontaneous abortions to occur at a significantly higher rate than baseline when the data is appropriately analyzed. pregnancy/

12-24-Year-Olds Account for 52.5% of all Cases of Myocarditis, Despite Only Receiving 8.8% of Total Injections

Should children be experiencing severe swelling of the heart, to protect themselves from a disease they have zero chance of dying from? Please refer to slide 17 of the CDC’s recent vaccine safety presentation.

Everest Romney and his Father Both Hospitalized for Severe Blood Clots

I could send you countless firsthand accounts from family members of deaths and severe reactions to these injections, however, I’ll keep it to this one, as it comes from Utah.

You likely saw local news reports about high school student Everest Romney. Without fail, they all downplayed what this family went through, and even attacked them personally for sharing their story. Listen to the mother herself tell it, and decide what to believe for yourself. clots/

Medical Professionals Speaking Out

The caliber of medical professionals now risking their careers to speak out against the entirety of the response to this crisis, including the current vaccination campaign, cannot be ignored. These men and women have much, much more impressive and relevant resumes than any of the handful that is allowed to speak to the media, and therefore the public, on the matter.

It’s important to note that as these medical professionals speak out, they do so knowing they risk their careers and reputation, as the media immediately attempts to discredit each of them by any and all means necessary.

Listen to these doctors first, then run a search for their names. Ask yourself why medical professionals of this caliber are being routinely removed from YouTube, and the only place you can find most of them are alternative video hosting platforms.

Dr. Peter McCullough

Dr. Peter McCullough is the most published person on the heart and kidneys in the world, in history. This is his testimony to the Texas Senate HHS Committee, on how he watched the suppression of actual science and evidence from the very beginning of this crisis, and how many lives could have been saved, had there been an open and honest dialogue.

I have this first because it’s short. A good place to start.

Dr. Peter McCullough on The Delta Variant

page8image33606080 page8image33604544 page8image33603584

Here’s another interview with Dr. McCullough on how The Delta Variant, or any other variant, represents very little threat in actual reality. And more so, how the prevalence of these variants has actually been brought about by the vaccinations themselves.

Dr. McCullough also very importantly notes that the CDC announced in May that it has stopped tracking “breakthrough cases.” Meaning, all the current “pandemic of the unvaccinated” rhetoric is entirely disingenuous, and about half of all new cases are indeed vaccine failures.

He also notes that to date, after weeding out comorbidities (leukemia, for instance), there has been only one child in the entire US that the data shows may have actually died of COVID.

Dr. Mike Yeadon, Virologist, Former Pfizer VP, and Chief Science Officer

I had included an interview with Dr. Yeadon in one of my previous messages. Roger Armstrong had expressed some doubt in his credibility. Listen to this entire interview (this one took place after the first one I sent), on how the numbers weren’t adding up from the beginning and the opposition he faced in trying to bring any real debate to the places that matter, in addition to the agenda he sees as we progress towards vaccine passports, and decide for yourself.

Dr. Robert Malone, Inventor of mRNA Technology

Now that Dr. Malone is speaking out, his actual statements are being ignored and his credibility is being called into question. Whether or not he was the “sole” inventor of the technology, or there were others involved, he was clearly at the forefront of its development, there is no questioning that.

Here he is explaining why this is in no way the technology that should be used in this situation, and why it’s dangerous to children in particular.

Luc Montagnier, Virologist, Nobel laureate, Discoverer of HIV

Here’s a short clip of Montagnier explaining, as have others, how the COVID vaccines themselves are creating the variants. variants.html

Luc Montagnier on Neurodegeneration

Here’s another clip of Montagnier on how the COVID vaccinations may well lead to neurodegeneration in many. neurodegenera.html

Dr. Peter Doshi, Editor in Chief of The British Medical Journal


Here’s a piece by a group of scientists lead by Dr. Doshi wrote explaining why they have petitioned the FDA to not grant full approval to the COVID-19 shots. approving-any-covid-19-vaccine-this-year/

Dr. Kamran Abbasi, Executive Editor of The British Medical Journal

Here’s a piece Dr. Abbasi wrote on the politicization, corruption and suppression of COVID-19 science by the medical-political complex.

Pierre Kory, MD, Co-Founder of The Frontline COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance

Dr. Kory discusses here how he and his colleagues around the world have been successfully treating patients and saving lives with Ivermectin. crime-of-the-century-podcast-with-dr-pierre-kory/

Richard Fleming, MD, Ph.D., JD

Dr. Fleming gives a (long) comprehensive analysis of all of the missteps, consequences, collateral damage, and benefactors of pandemic promotion.

Tess Lawrie, MD, Ph.D. adverse events and death data in the UK

Dr. Laurie and her team of scientists urge the MHRA to stop the mRNA shots, based on analysis of the adverse events and death data in the UK.

Professor Byram Bridle

Professor Birlde explains why the spike protein is a dangerous toxin and how the shots circulate it throughout the body via the bloodstream, which could lead to life-threatening blood clots, heart and brain damage, fertility issues, and risks to unborn and nursing babies.

Sucharit Bhakti, MD, Professor of Microbiology and Immunology

Dr. Bhakti discusses why the shots are “entirely senseless and useless” and why “every jab is potentially fatal,” how the risk of harm increases with each shot, and how spike-protein-induced blood clots damage different parts of the body. One chilling example, a clot in the umbilical vein will abort a fetus.




Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D., Senior Research Scientist at MIT

Dr. Seneff anticipates that the mRNA shots will lead to an increase in auto-immune and neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease (CJD), a prion disease comparable to mad cow disease, in the next 10 to 15 years.

She also explains the mechanisms by which foreign messenger RNA can be converted into DNA and the plausibility of spike-protein exosome shedding via breath, sweat, and breast milk from those injected with spike-protein-producing mRNA. years-exclusive-video/

Dr. Seneff’s Peer Reviewed Paper

Dr. Seneff also co-author of the peer-reviewed paper Worse than The Disease? Reviewing Some Possible Unintended Consequences of the mRNA Vaccines Against COVID-19.

Proof of Corruption at Highest Levels

This is likely the most important section for all of you to take in. After all of this science, evidence, and highly credible and qualified medical professionals speaking out, you’re likely asking yourself how it is that you haven’t heard this side of the story.

My answer remains the same as in previous messages. There have always been, and unfortunately likely will always be, evil men looking to use positions of power and a knowledge differential over the majority of the population for purposes of control.

Since my last message, Bill Gates has proven himself to be a bad person, and Anthony Fauci has been proven a liar.

Clinical psychopaths are unlike you or me. They’re physically incapable of feeling human emotion. They also tend to be highly intelligent, quite skilled at “blending in,” and typically gravitate towards positions of power.

Just because YOU wouldn’t do something like this, doesn’t mean THEY wouldn’t.

SARS-COV2 Is Not “Novel” – Patents on the virus and vaccine date back to 1999

David Martin founder and CEO of M-CAM, which monitors patent activity, innovation, and economic activity in 168 countries. He gives a timeline overview of some of the SARS coronavirus patents (there have been over 4,000) filed since 1999 and explains why the SARS-COV2 coronavirus was not “novel” (new).

For example, Pfizer first filed for a spike protein vaccine on January 28, 2000 (U.S. patent
# 6372224). Dr. Martin raised the alarm about this research in 2001. His analysis of the players involved and the paper trail is astounding.

Fauci Misinformation Timeline

There has been a good deal of news about the emails sent and received by Anthony Fauci, suggesting that he knew one thing and said another, consistently throughout the crisis. However, bits and pieces here and there don’t really give you the full story. Here is a detailed analysis of the key emails, coupled with the timing and context in which they were sent.

Consistently, these emails show Fauci to be lying to the public about the severity, and origins of the virus (as he was responsible for its creation), along with the effectiveness of masks and social distancing.

Even more troubling, they clearly show him orchestrating the effort within both mainstream and social media (directly with Mark Zuckerberg in the case of Facebook) to label anything outside the official narrative, a “conspiracy theory.”

Fauci Caught Lying To Congress

If this clip isn’t the definition of a man caught red-handed in a lie, to congress no less, I don’t know what is.

Bear in mind here, I was writing to you about Fauci’s “gain of function” research long before this was ever brought up in congress, and long before it was ever a term the public had even heard of. This is because I do my own research, which I was trying to alert you to all the way back in May.

Peter Daszak Caught Organizing “Conspiracy Theory” Narrative, Removed From UN Investigation

Peter Daszak is the head of Eco Health Alliance, the non-profit Fauci used to funnel CDC money into this gain of function research (after this research was deemed dangerous and disallowed public funding).

The fact itself that Daszak himself was appointed to the UN Commission investigating the origins of the virus should tell you something on its face. However, as you just learned about in the Fauci misinformation timeline, Daszak was also the point man in organizing the “conspiracy theory” narrative.

This was made so clear by the Fauci emails that he was removed from the investigation. commission-following-bombshell-conflict-report.html

Fauci Has a Long Track Record of Corruption

Here’s an interview with former NIH scientist Judy Mikovits on her personal experience with Fauci, going all the way back to covering up known effective treatments (for profit) in the AIDS epidemic.

Genetic Insert Found Nowhere in Nature is Found in SARS-COV2

More on the unnatural origins of this virus. Here is a detailed write-up explaining how the “CGG insert” is found nowhere in nature, yet is commonplace in lab-created viruses. The CGG insert is present in SARS-COV2.

Unholy Alliance Between GAVI (Bill Gates’ “Vaccine Alliance”), WHO & CDC

Here’s former WHO ethics researcher Astrid Stuckelburger, Ph.D., detailing numerous massive conflicts of interests between these three organizations, and the immense power and profitability Bill Gates has created with his GAVI foundation.

Reports of Vaccine Injury Are Being Censored

As mentioned, I’ve now listened to dozens and dozens of firsthand accounts of people being killed or seriously harmed from these injections. They’re not hard to find when you’re knee-deep in actively researching this information, however, they never make it out to the mainstream in a manner that’s in any way reflective of the true severity of what’s going on.

When you listen the mother of Everest Romney tell her account of what she went through, not only did have to deal with her son and husband fighting for their lives, she also had to deal with being vilified by the media. And the only reason she was vilified by the media, is that her story actually made it to the media.

Thousands upon thousands of others never get that far. In just one example of how this happens, two COVID-19 vaccine injury groups totaling over 200k members were deleted altogether from Facebook.

I watched these groups grow, the common theme amongst the people reporting in them was that they were historically “pro-vaccine,” and then had their lives severely altered by these injections. And then, these thousands of firsthand reports were wiped clean from the internet.

Vaccine Hesitancy Is Not Due to a Lack of Information, nor “Misinformation”

If after an entire year of telling people how scary the virus supposedly is and getting them ready for the vaccine, press releases and media attention galore about its supposed efficacy, and a $4 billion propaganda campaign complete with celebrity endorsements and million-dollar lotteries hasn’t convinced half the public to get these injections, at what point do you start to think that perhaps a whole lot of people have been doing the type of research I’m bringing to you here for themselves, and/or they just have an inherent “bad feeling” about these injections that no amount of coercion will change?

Here’s a summary of an MIT study that found those who are “vaccine-hesitant” to be ‘highly informed, scientifically literate,’ and ‘sophisticated.’ literate-and-sophisticated/

COVID Has Been All About Fear and Control

Here’s British PM Graham Brady Mask writing about his insider’s view of the government using fear tactics (the same used here) to gain the submission of the population.

Interesting quote from the letter: “Many politicians and advisers will admit privately that the policy change compelling people to wear masks was not really about the spread of infection at all but about the psychological effect that they would have.

That real purpose is social control – to provide a constant reminder to maintain distance from other people.

To maintain a state of anxiety that leaves people more likely to comply with the restrictions that might otherwise be resisted or forgotten.

This is exactly the same approach that the Government’s behavioral experts on the sinister-sounding advisory group known as SPI-B – the Independent Scientific Pandemic Insights Group on Behaviours – has admitted using.

‘The perceived level of personal threat needs to be increased among those who are complacent, using hard-hitting emotional messaging,’ said the SPI-B paper of March 22, 2020.” masks-social-control-time-stop-fear.html

Closing Thoughts

If I thought this was all going away soon, I wouldn’t have taken the immense amount of personal time that I have in compiling this information for you.

It’s not going away. It’s only going to get worse.

We have messaging out of the white house and from the president himself literally equating anyone who has differing thoughts about these injections to murderers.

Last year the signs on the store said everyone has to wear a mask. Now they say you can come in freely if you’re vaccinated, but wear a mask if you’re unvaccinated.

After the fear gets ramped back up over the Delta and other variants, the signs will say you can only come in if you’re vaccinated.

One class of society will enjoy the benefits (such as feeding their families with groceries) that the other does not. Segregation for the 21st century. This is already underway in France, and the rhetoric is ramping up around the world.


I know you all are good people who believe you’re helping people, and that is to be commended. However, we all know the saying about where good intentions can, unfortunately, lead (if based on false information).

When you are called to segregate society, how will you respond?

Will you tell a young single mother of three with a family history of vaccine reactions who’s been previously infected that she needs to get these injections in order to go to work and buy groceries?

Will you tell an elderly person who already had a horrific reaction to the first round that now he needs his booster to see his grandchildren?

Are you going to continue to insist that children, who have no chance whatsoever of dying from this infection, need to receive these injections?

Another question for you to think about tonight – when in history has the side censoring information ever been the good guys?

Is the deleting of online information, not the modern-day book burning? Is this not exactly what was foretold in 1984?

The medical findings around The Nuremberg Trials revolved around LACK of informed consent:

COMPLETE disclosure of risks
RISKS must be comprehended
FREE willingness to accept or reject the product CANNOT be coerced or enticed

Based upon the information I presented you with on record months ago, and the new information today, how has the county’s response to the crisis to date measured up to these monumentally important standards?

Will your response going forward change? Or will you continue down the same dark path? You DO have a choice, by the way. There’s always a choice.

And the choices we make in life, the actions we take in the real world and the harm or lack thereof they have on others, regardless of circumstance or intention, are all that really matter when our time here is up.

There’s right, and there’s wrong, good and evil, and very often it is indeed that simple.

“Just following orders” has been consistently deemed an unacceptable justification for one’s actions throughout history, after all.

I speak for a large segment of the county in making the following two calls to you:

  • Publicly denounce any and all forms of segregation, immediately. This should not be a difficult thing to do.
  • Discontinue all government involvement with the injections known as COVID-19 vaccines. Leave this private medical decision between families and their doctors, as it always has been.

Individuals I am calling upon to respond to this message:

  • Rich Bullough: You owe the public, and your staff, an explanation as to why you were in receipt of the corresponding information to this message I sent you along with the rest of the county council all the way back in April / May, yet continued to place the focus in your public messaging solely upon vaccination, masks, and social distancing. And why, for that matter, numerous emails from a variety of individuals aside from myself, attempting to share this sort of information with you, were either ignored or met with belittling replies.
  • Phil Bondurant: It is my great hope, Phil, that you diverge from Rich’s handling of this crisis, and openly and honestly engage with those providing differing information. We as a community should have been pressing him harder and more continually than we did. You, I’m afraid will not be afforded that same luxury.
  • Chris Cherniak: I hear you are a reasonable man who is open to entertaining new information that may conflict with current viewpoints. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on these matters.
  • Roger Armstrong: In playing a dual role, both on the board of health and city council, you are uniquely situated in making both advisory and enforcement decisions. I very much appreciated your willingness to be the only one to engage with this at any level back in the spring, I look forward to hearing what you think of this latest round of information.
  • Glenn Wright: I suppose we have you to thank for spurring me on to collect this information for all of you. 🙂 I’d love to hear if you consider all of what I’ve presented here to be “misinformation,” or if you might now be open to the idea that there were some things you should have been aware of before.All that said, helping other people prevent or successfully manage disease has been the life’s work of my family ever since our son recovered from cancer.I wouldn’t be taking the time to compile and send you all of this if I didn’t truly care about the health of others.Yes, there may be somewhat of a combative tone in some places throughout this messaging, but please understand this stems primarily from frustration at not being listened to sooner, and if I’m being completely honest, an attempt at getting you to listen now.What I’m trying to say is, I’m here to help. I would be more than welcoming of anything from a phone call, to a coffee, to an informational Q&A session/round table with any individual or group.Please, let’s work together to determine the best path forward for our county.Phil – I think you’d be pleasantly surprised at the number of others just like me (in terms of the level of research on this topic and passion for helping others) here in your own county who would love to engage in a constructive dialogue with you, should you indicate a willingness to do so.With that, I think I’ve said enough.
    I thank you all for your kind attention.

Editors Note: To read part one of Ryan’s email exchange with the council and Rich Bullough, click HERE

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